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Erice and Segesta Day Trip
Full Day Trip to Agrigento
Hinterland of Palermo: Corleone
Catania, Aci Castello, Acireale Tour
Eolie Islands Destination
The Sicilian Baroque Tour
Full Day Exploring Palermo and Its Area
Caltagirone and Roman Villa in Piazza Armerina
Along The Sicilian Northern Coast Line
The Beautiful City of Syracuse
Goodfather Local Tour
The Unknow Etna Adventure Walking Tour
The Classic Etna Experience Day Trip

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  • Caltagirone and roman Villa in Piazza ArmerinaPiazza Armerina Set on a plateau almost 700 meters above sea level about 35 kilometers from Enna and a bit nearer Caltagirone, the city of Piazza Armerina is not without charm. Founded during the Norman era, its historical quarter has some beautiful churches, including a Baroque cathedral, as well as a well-preserved fortress (Spinelli Castle),

  • Hinterland of Palermo - CorleoneToday we will head out of Palermo to discuss the hinterland area and some of the most beautiful towns and villages not to mention some amazing stories.. There are places in the countryside of Palermo sadly famous for events involving the Mafia and for having been the home of many Mafia bosses now locked-up in prison.